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You can ask questions, give us consultations and advice, criticize everything we do and suggest something new if you write us at the following address:

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How to take part in the development of the website?

- sending your photos of wooden churches

We'll highly appreciate all photos (digital or scanned) sent to us via e-mail. For your pictures being as much valuable informationally as possible please take some time to fill at least some blanks in the following "Questionnaire for collecting data regarding a wooden church":


Minimal information required is:
- the name of town or village, district, region
- the author
- month and year.

As you could see, the author of EVERY photo is mentioned at our website. No one of your photos will be used anywhere apart from the "Wooden Churches of Ukraine" website without its author's approval.

- gathering information concerning monuments you come across while travelling

It's not difficult to find in a village or town a person (a churchwarden, priest or some elders) who can tell a lot of interesting things about the church. To make such interrogation simpler we worked out the "Questionnaire..." mentioned above which contains a tentative list of questions. You can print out a few copies to have them with you while travelling.

   print version (А4, double-sided)

- providing some other materials

In fact, cooperation trends are unlimited: you can send us your drawings, articles and reports on corresponding topics for publication at the website, lend us some literature for scanning, recommend some useful links, etc. In a word, contact us and we'll arrange it all.

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